A Supernatural Occurrence: Watching Supernatural Season 6.  The boys jumped in a Gen 1 Mustang to go to Pennsylvania, when it occurred to me that it had the license plate that the Chevy Impala used in Season 1.

There’s a life lesson in this.  Attention to detail is important.  If you’re not paying attention, little things in life can change around you, and you won’t even notice.

Probably don’t go around memorising TV car license plates though.

Rescue Cat of the Day: Pencil.

This cat turned up at Renee’s dad’s house, and just .. didn’t leave.  Not sure if it was a stray or someone’s pet, but they put up ‘found: cat’ posters all around the neighbourhood.  It just stayed.  The kids named it Pencil.  

Unfortunately for it, it got bullied by the other cat and dog that lived there, and ended up living outside .. in the dirt.  It slept in dirt.  They weren’t looking after it, or taking it to the vet.  And I couldn’t have that.

Long story short, I have a cat.  And although she freaked the fuck out at first in the car home, she calmed down and has not stopped purring ever since.  Even though she’s stuck inside for the moment, I think her territory has actually expanded.  After finally accepting that yes, there are no other pets in this house, she follows me around the house and if I’m still up, refuses to go to bed until I do.

I fucking love this cat.